Hello! My name is Savanna, and I am the one who sources, designs, and sews all of these quilts and textiles into jackets and coats. My main business is owning an antique store, but after wearing a jacket I had made for myself at a show, I realized there was a demand for more.

As a preserver of antiques, something feels wrong about cutting up something that has lasted all this time. So, I source materials that aren't considered highly collectible or quilts and textiles that are damaged, stained, or tattered in certain areas and bring them back to life as something new. Every square inch of the fabric that isn't used for jackets will be repurposed into other items. I have plans to add collections of smaller travel bags, quilted bands for wide-brim hats, quilt patches on vintage denim, and whatever else I can envision, so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for new releases!