This quilt is known as a crazy quilt and was made from using scraps of leftover fabrics.

This is a slimmer jacket  featuring a collar, slimmer sleeves and buttons. The pattern for the sleeves fit a size small or women's 2-4.

This piece has been meticulously hand sewn and hand quilted. We love the printing backing fabric inside of the quilt. It can best be appreciated when the cuffs are rolled and while walking. 

This is a thinner quilt with thicker wool materials on the outside making it a medium weight jacket.

Please note that we do not accept returns, and these are one size that fits most. Every square inch of our quilts is utilized, so if you are naturally petite, the jacket can be shortened. 

Once purchased we will reach out about sizing and adding pocket placement before shipping.


55.5.” back of the neck to the bottom of the hem

30” base of collar to cuff (Uncuffed)

25” armpit to armpit

17” slits

9" width in sleeve to 7" to cuff

Model is 5’7 and approximately 135lbs

This piece was crafted by hand not once but twice and does have minor imperfections due to the age of the fabric. We carefully selected sections of the quilt that were in the best condition while being the most aesthetically pleasing.