X Nanita


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This antique quilt is a 1920s-inspired Hexagon block Flower Garden pattern with scalloped edges.

The scalloped pink bindings are original to the quilt and were once the edges of this blanket.

Once the corners of this quilt are now the sleeves creating a dramatic angled point with the option of rolling the sleeve to expose the soft pink lining to make a bold color contrast, the collar is adjustable and can be worn tall or folded over. This is a very thin quilt, so, ideally, this is a lightweight jacket.

This piece was crafted by hand not once but twice and does have minor imperfections due to the age of the fabric.  

Please note that these are one size fits most, and every square inch of these quilts is utilized, so if you are naturally petite, the jacket can be deconstructed and shortened to your height.



55” back of the neck to the bottom of the hem

36” collar to cuff

25” armpit to armpit